The REIBARTS system is designed to stimulate customers more and better, so they are the main beneficiaries. That makes the level of satisfaction higher and therefore more faithful to these establishments.

The quality of a good service, the careful attention, the professionalism make the clients feel good when they go to buy or receive a service, but if to those positive elements we add discounts to the REIBARTS style, then the preference of these clients will be guaranteed to Our Associated Establishments, and all that makes customers faithful and happy.

REIBARTS is the rewards bank that wants to achieve the highest amount of ASSOCIATED ESTABLISHMENTS in order to obtain the greatest number of benefited and happy members. We intend to associate thousands of establishments with different activities throughout the country and therefore millions of members.

Currently, large companies have their own rewards system, which means that small and medium-sized businesses cannot compete with them, but with the REIBARTS system we will be a strong opponent, in order to attract more customers for all our associated businesses and influence positively in their growth and a high level of satisfied customers.

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