Reibarts Partner's Contract

You have decided to join the REIBARTS team as a COLLABORATING PARTNER, from now ADVERTISER, and we welcome you, since with your presence the number of partners of our rewards bank increases.

REIBARTS is a product of the Company KLESHEL LLC, which funtions as a rewards bank.

Our Company KLESHEL LLC is legally located at the following address: 3510 SW 3rd Ave. Cape Coral. Florida. 33914, hereinafter REIBARTS.


1- The ADVERTISER will be part of the REIBARTS system as a COLLABORATING PARTNER. The REIBARTS system is defined as the only rewards bank in the market, composed of COLLABORATING PARTNERS and MEMBERS. COLLABORATING PARTNER are the establishments that are advertised on our website and that will decide a percentage of rewards for MEMBERS, that percentage is converted into money( not points) that the MEMBERS accumulates when buying at the collaborating establishment and that is deducted from the that member's in the next purchase in that COLLABORATION ESTABLISHMENT. The ADVERTISER may change the percentage to be deducted as many times as he wishes on his website profile, at no aditional cost.

2- REIBARTS has a website: and the ADVERTISER will be located in it according to the category of its activity as COLLABORATING PARTNER. A profile of the ADVERTISER is displayed ( photos, maps and general information) so that it can be know by the MEMBERS of REIBARTS and by everyone who visits the web.

3- REIBARTS will assign a dashboard for the ADVERTISER, with exclusive access to it, where the sales operations to the MEMBERS will be carried out, and that the system itself will become rewards for the MEMBERS.

4- The ADVERTISER may have specific information about their business related to the REIBARTS system ( sales made, discounts for members, etc). This data is only from REIBARTS customers and does not interfere with the general sales of your business. The data is offered in real time and helps you to know exactly the effectiveness of our system.

5- The ADVERTISER will benefit from the MEMBERS, so it will be necessary to stimulate the subscriptions in his establishment.

6- The ADVERTISER will consider as money the amount accumulated by the MEMBERS, and will deduct it from their account it from their account each time the MEMBER has a balance. In the event that the ADVERTISER wants to exclude from the REIBARTS system the special offers, menus of the day or wants to make other exceptions, he has to explain it in his profile of our website, and he will have to perform that operation manually, since our system does not contemplate exceptions.

7- REIBARTS MEMBERS may only use the discounts in the ESTABLISHMENTS where they were generated, or when they have been paid as a royalty. You can never use discounts offered by an establishment in another, as the system does not allow it.

8- It is not mandatory for Collaborating Partner to always give discounts to REIBARTS MEMBERS.

9- Collaborating Partner can use the REIBARTS SPECIAL OFFER system to offer discounts to REIBARTS MEMBERS.


If between the ADVERTISER and REIBARTS different conditions are agreed to those written in this contract, it will be considered as a trade secret and strictly confidential, in which both parties agree not to disclose content to third parties.

The ADVERTISER acknowledges that REIBARTS MEMBERS and their data belong to KLESHEL LLC as the Company that owns the REIBARTS product, so they cannot be use for other purposes without their consent, or offer that data to third parties.


This contract is effective today and will last twelve (12) months, automatically renewable if the ADVERTISER does not notify you at least 30 days before.

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